Presentations from the 2010 Technology Summit

Solving Correctional Problems with Innovative Technologies

  • Innovative Technology for Monitoring Vulnerable Inmates
  • NIJ Update – Corrections Technology Portfolio
  • Telemedicine – Improving Access to Health Care for Offenders
  • Fusion Core Solution – Enhancing Collaboration and Operation
  • Kiosks May Be Obsolete (PDAs, Tablets & Netbooks in Corrections)
  • Inmate Digital Music and Media Program
  • National Corrections Image Exchange
  • Working with Tele-Visitation

Implementation Initiatives/Lessons Learned

  • Operational Challenges of EHR: Adopting Systems & Sharing Data
  • Intelligence Sharing through Technology
  • Innovative Choices for Victims in the Re-entry Process
  • Using Software as a Service to Effectively Leverage
  • Behind Bars: Evolving Jail Based Information
  • Ethical/Legal Aspectsof Correctional Technologies
  • Navigating Information Sharing and Identity Management
  • Addressing Prison Overpopulation

Innovative Cross Jurisdictional Data Sharing

  • Offender Recidivism Profiles
  • SOMS, The Final Frontier
  • Windows 7 – There’s No Need to Wait
  • Revenue Generation Through Remote Video Communication
  • N-Dex
  • Scheduling & Deployment System
  • Fusion Centers Overview
  • Cellular Detection, Jamming and Managed Access