CTA Definition

The Corrections Technology Association (CTA) is a public, non-profit network of professionals actively involved in leveraging technology in the field of Corrections. Members of our association consist primarily of Chief Information Officers, IT Directors and operational and administrative staff from State and Provincial Departments of Correction, as well as from Federal, county and local correctional agencies.

Since 1999 CTA has provided a forum to promote exchange of information, experience and knowledge among correctional agencies. Through the years, the association has actively led development of standards and promoted collaboration and sharing of data and systems across states. CTA’s annual meeting offers its members an unsurpassed opportunity to learn of new technologies and, above all else, affords corrections technologists the opportunity to network with their peers. Membership is automatic with a paid registration.

CTA Vision

An Association of Industry Professionals nationally recognized as Leaders in Corrections Technology.

CTA Mission

  • Providing a forum for exchange of information, experience and knowledge.
  • Identifying emerging technologies related to the application of technology in Corrections.
  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities for improving Corrections operations and promoting public safety through the use of technology.
  • Promoting collaboration and information sharing among local, state, tribal and federal agencies.
  • Developing and promoting standards for the deployment of Corrections technology solutions nationwide.
  • Providing continuing educational opportunities to technology professionals.

CTA Benefits – Why should I participate?

  • Corrections is a space with very unique challenges that do not exist elsewhere.
  • Many commercial solutions are not as effective when applied to Corrections.
  • You need a forum for asking questions and getting “real world” responses!
  • Together, we can influence solutions and innovation for our environment.
  • Sharing lessons learned and successes helps our organizations improve.
  • Policy makers want input from practitioners, the alignment of CTA with other groups such as IJIS, ACA, APPA provides this conduit for information exchange.
  • “Are you part of the Conversation?”